Our Story

For more than 100 years, farmers grew opium in the rich soil of Doi Chang, a village nestled in the border hills of Asia's Golden Triangle.

In 1984, the local government trained them to grow coffee instead. That Same year, the founder of Sirinya Coffee was born.

As a young man, Supon left Doi Chang to study theology. He wanted to learn how to help the villagers  including his own family  who are stateless refugees and lack access to basic resources. He returned in 2012 to work on his family's coffee farm and discovered a love for the process, from plant to brew. He also discovered that he could help his fellow villagers by teaching them to produce specialty coffee. Supon has a heart to use business as a tool for redemption in the mountain villages surrounding his home. Today, Sirinya Coffee remains committed to improving lives, one cup at a time.

Premium quality, family-run coffee farm.

Our micro lots ensure the highest quality Arabica coffee. We use four processes on our coffee cherries: natural, honey, semi-wash, and wash. We constantly develop our cherries and processes for the best flavor. We buy only ripe cherries and practice cupping on every lot of coffee before we sell it. 

Great coffee begins with the soil. Our farmers use natural fertilizer and insecticide made from local herbs and fruits rather than chemical products. This cuts costs for the farmers while producing the very best coffee cherries.

We pay competitive prices to our farmers, and our profits support families and marginalized people in our community.